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Early Lectures

Structural and Construction Safety

Jörg Schneider

Great demand and great challenge - Chinese major bridge projects under construction for improving

Yaojun GE & Hai Fan Xiang

Evolution of Bridge Technology

Man-Chung Tang

New Trends and New Models for Analyzing Dynamic Interactions

Christian Cremona

Past, Present and Future: Trends, Drivers and Challenges in Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Antony Wood

Challenges in Education - Conceptual and Structural Design

Mike Schlaich

Life cycle management of infrastructures: towards an integrated approach of design, execution and maintenance

Aad van der Horst

About the Network Arch

Per Tveit

Major Bridge Projects a Multi-disciplinary Approach - The Future

Klaus H. Ostenfeld

Self Buoyant GBS Foundation and Telescopic Tower for Craneless Installation of Complete Offshore Wind Turbines 


Wind-Induced Vibrations of Structures and Their Control

Manabu Ito

The Development of Cable-Stayed Bridges since John Robling

Holger Svensson

Electricity from the Sun

Jörg Schlaich & Rudolf Bergermann

The Rion-Antirion Bridge -
When a Dream becomes Reality

Jacques Combault

IABSE eLearning & eResources Project

IABSE's mission is to exchange knowledge and to advance the practice of structural engineering worldwide in the service of the profession and society.  To fulfill its mission, this eLearning Platform was established using the most recent available technology for free access to the public to reach out to a much wider audience beyond its membership.

The IABSE eLearning Lectures and Lecture Series includes short courses, videos, and animations about the construction of structures. For each eLearning Lecture presentation, there are Print Handouts (copies of the slides), Print References (articles from IABSE publications, relevant to the topic of the presentation).

Other Activities are under consideration and preparation by IABSE eLearning Board. This project was initiated and supported by the IABSE Foundation in 2006 until 2015.

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