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These are the recordings of the IABSE Webinars for our Members especially for our Young Engineers
to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning within the Association. Those who are not yet members, join IABSE now to become part of a worldwide group of leading structural engineers.
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Disclaimer: These webinars present the views of the speakers and viewers may accept, reject, discuss or debate.

IABSE Webinar:

The V&A Swingbridge: a unique product responding to multiple needs 

19 August 2022

IABSE Webinar:

Form Finding Structures for Optimizing the Distribution of Forces 

21 April 2022

IABSE Webinar:

How can Structural Engineering be an unending stream of goodness?

4 October 2021

IABSE Webinar:
Risk Management of Large Scale Projects

24 June 2021

IABSE Webinar -

Parametric Structural Design with Isogeometric Analysis

9 April 2021

IABSE Webinar - Use of Structural Health Monitoring in Condition Assessment of Bridges: Potential Changes

12 February 2021

Webinar on Characteristic
Seismic Failures


Andreas Lampropoulos

IABSE Webinar:

Seismic Isolation and Response Control Systems (SED 19) 

17 June 2022

IABSE Webinar:

Full Scale Testing of a Stadium for 'Jumping Crowd Load'

27 January 2022

IABSE Webinar:

Second Generation Eurocodes

1 October 2021

IABSE Webinar:

Concrete Plasticity – A Historical Perspective

10 June 2021

IABSE Webinar -

Risk-based asset management and the potential of UHFB in railway bridge construction from the point of view of the infrastructure operator

4 March 2021

IABSE Webinar - Incremental Launching Multispan Steel Bridges

4 February 2021

Forensic Structural Engineering: A field of practice and research


Fabrizio Palmisano

13 May 2022

IABSE Webinar:
Seismic Isolation: Concepts, Research and Applications


Duo IABSE Webinar:

Bridge Collapses- Lessons learnt


12 November 2021

IABSE Webinar:

Resilience-Based Management of Bridge Portfolios in Seismic Regions

9 July 2021

IABSE Webinar:

The Chirajara Bridge Collapse

27 May 2021

IABSE Webinar: Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete (UHPC)

30 April 2021

IABSE Webinar - ATCZ190 SAFEBRIDGE WEBINAR (IABSE Group of Austria and Czech Republic)

23 October 2020

From Quality Control to Decision Making on the Management of Bridges and Structures: Whats Next?


Jose Matos

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